1. Diode

  2. I Sat Around Today
    Sam Gas Can

  3. Unsick
    Macho Blush

  4. Neon For No One
    Nate Henricks

  5. Transit/Pulse
    Decade in Exile

  6. Ghosts
    The Vickers

  7. Synthetic Woman
    Gay Cat Park

  8. Veiled Void
    Bary Center

  9. Nonbelievers
    BK Beats & Black Noi$e

  10. VI

  11. Touched By an Angle

  12. Playa' Piano
    Yom San

  13. Evergreen
    Plastic Flowers

  14. No Dance
    Exotic Club

  15. Everything Worth Mentioning
    Meanest Man Contest

  16. Ashram Equinox
    Julie's Haircut

  17. Decades/Peter
    Aria Rostami

  18. Ripe Hymns
    Michael RJ Saalman

  19. Horizontal/Vertical

  20. Pancakes
    Log Across the Washer

  21. Go Bananas

  22. Spectral Park
    Spectral Park

  23. Return to Dope Mountain

  24. How Many Padmes Hum?
    Zen Mantra

  25. Cream Dream: Collected
    Cream Dream

  26. Space Junk
    Halasan Bazar

  27. Remixes

  28. Clubhouse Split
    Emily Reo, Yohuna, Brown Bread, MoonLasso

  29. Slow Rainbow
    Lil Kids

  30. I See
    Little Spoon

  31. Nightrunners
    Altar Eagle

  32. Wish
    Window Twins

  33. Outlands EP

  34. Sirup

  35. VHS Vision
    Cosmic Sound

  36. Nomadic Firs
    Nomadic Firs

  37. Holgate EP

  38. Hotel of Lost Light
    Some Ember

  39. Rare Pleasures

  40. Le Progrès DVD
    Monroeville Music Center

  41. Memory
    Ender Belongs to Me

  42. Exorcism
    Power Animal

  43. (Love) That's All
    Welcome Back Sailors

  44. Dope Island Fuck
    Crash Symbols x Forty Ounce Clothing

  45. Rending Brass
    The Cyclist

  46. M A N

  47. Rhizome EP
    Pariah Carey

  48. Green Light

  49. Parks & Rock Creation

  50. Sponge
    Digital Leather

  51. Dope Mountain Fuck Vol. 2

  52. Opening Eye
    Good Amount

  53. Vapid Glitch Vow

  54. Imbue Up
    Pressed And

  55. Dope Halloween Fuck

  56. Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies
    Featureless Ghost

  57. Beko + Crash Symbols #2

  58. Bodysongs
    Born Gold

  59. Hèloïse
    Noah Wall

  60. Sky Child

  61. Beko + Crash Symbols #1

  62. Halo
    Blackbird Blackbird

  63. Hounds of Love

  64. Bending Brass
    The Cyclist

  65. Fred Durst Sex Tape
    School Knights/Pacific Pride

  66. Hold My Hand? No
    Zeadron Del Gomez

  67. SPORTS

  68. The Ocean
    Two Bicycles

  69. Dead In The West

  70. Abstraction
    Cop Magnet

  71. Life Hard: I Try

  72. Dope Valley Fuck

  73. 20(b)
    Abe Sada

  74. Replicants

  75. The Kingdom
    Bank Heist

  76. Teething
    Beggars in a New Land

  77. Psyche Cycles
    Hear Hums

  78. World Fantasy
    Foot Village

  79. Dope Mountain Fuck


Crash Symbols Morgantown, West Virginia

Crash Symbols is a West Virginia label focused on exploring the evolving role of music in being human; though we aren't too heavy-handed about that. Our focus is on forward-thinking works of all kinds from all areas. You may see more things than others, but our catalog hopes one day to acquire consciousness and that requires a true diversity of experience. ... more

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