Vapid Glitch Vow

by Yalls

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Thanks to Dan Casey, aka Yalls, my wife and I can breath safe at night. Thanks to him we're still alive today, sucking down good Oakland air in the East Bay (the "Easy Bay" to us who now call it home), while he might have just left us to die where our US Airways flight dropped us off in SF, still fresh from West Virginia. So, it's no exaggeration for me to say that thanks to Yalls, America will win the space race. As plans unfurl for a new Yalls-absence-suppressor in more solid form, Crash Symbols is proud to inaugurate its new series of lamentably fake 12"s with 'Vapid Glitch Vow.' More than just an anagram of my name (Dwight Pavlovic), it is uniquely Yalls; soul-funk poptronica driven by Casey's incredible idiosyncratic beatwork, and lent further support by the inclusion of a totally indulgent ten minute extended mix that is absolutely necessary for fullest enjoyment.

"Born out of chaos and never losing its schizophrenic style, ‘Vapid Glitch Vow’ is finally tied together by vocal melody. Without the resolution, I don’t think there’s much to be said about this track, but the fact that it comes full circle, then breaks down makes it undeniably lovable." -Dingus on Music


released November 23, 2011

Cover art by Liz Pavlovic (




Crash Symbols Morgantown, West Virginia

Est. 2010

"Your decency remains unimpaired, your virility unharmed, your person is free from any degrading submission, but in your hand is a tambourine." -Seneca

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