Under the Sheepherder Bridge

by Fishers

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Fishers is the solo-project of New York based writer and musician Dale Eisinger, one of the principals at GODMODE and usually the drumming half of the duo responsible for YVETTE. His debut under the new name, 'Under the Sheepherder Bridge,' is a far softer touch; less harsh than his recordings as Horselover Fats or YVETTE, and more directly evocative thanks to a varied tonality and emotional palette. Inspired by noise and minimalism, but tied to a deeper structural order, these new tracks chart the creative and terrestrial peregrinations of a deeply talented artist... Eisinger's voice can be arresting when it rises out of the dark tectonics he conjures, embedded in a particularly organic range of 'inhuman' noise, brushing, and the heavier invocations of enterprise. That force is as clear in the cold lines of recitation and elsewhere when the warmer licks of a distant troubadour song still manage to set themselves off against cold mechanics... the resulting album in its entirety is an experiment in "folk" perhaps, but for those with very different manners.

"...aligns with the experimental mindset at the core of YVETTE but has forgone the heaviness in favor of a more delicate approach to both acoustic and electric sounds that retains intensity." -Impose Magazine

"...veers wildly between noisy collages and delicate anti-folk rhythms. Bustling and energetic one moment and stolid and immovable the next, this cassette finds the enigmatic musician caught within a handful of genres, pushing back against their encroaching influences for as long as he can hold out. But far from being swept away by this tide of sound and fury, Fishers becomes the vehicle through which he assimilates and reconfigures these dominant rhythms into something of his own making. Beautifully elegiac — and often disquieting — his music wraps itself around your bones and refuses to let go." -Nooga

"...there are harsh moments, which makes sense considering he’s one half of awesome NY noise duo YVETTE. Between those are stretches of damaged folk and exploratory texture. Dale talks in places and sings in others — as does Godmode friend Matty Fasano ('Bad Day Song', 'Death Valley'). The set feels both collaged and cohesive… very much a heady, front-to-back kind of listen." -Stadiums & Shrines

"...hearth fel, outsider music, recorded in some basement with quite a bit of reverb." -Vital Weekly

"Dale Eisinger has an uncanny ability to find utter beauty in the disfigured. Operating the Godmode imprint and playing in YVETTE, the New York-based writer and musician mines gutters and less-traveled terrain for his sonic portraits. On Under the Sheepherder Bridge, his debut under the name Fishers, Eisinger wanders through a stunning array of genres and ideas, all executed with a confident and unwavering sense of self, and all with disarming beauty. At times resembling a more ambient Xiu Xiu, a less brutish Swans, and a more lucid anti-folk Henry Flynt. The cassette opens with “Bad Day Song,” a reserved drift of harmonium-bred melancholy that highlights the shape-shifting nature of the ensuing tape and positions Eisinger as an effortless composer of dramatic, overarching folk music, thus dethroning the likes of Phil Elverum & Co. The waltzing tones eventually dissolve into a metallic, industrial symphony like David Lynch literally composing a row of mechanical ephemera..." -Decoder


released December 9, 2014

Fishers is Dale Eisinger

Artwork by Dwight Pavlovic
Layout by Liz Pavlovic




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