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Nomadic Firs is the solo project of Ryan Boos, a Tennessean with a petite farm, lots of pets, and a lovely wife named Holly. Boos says that his self-titled debut release started out (almost six years ago) as “colors and ideas” in his head, which isn’t surprising, since you’ll very likely feel an increase in your personal jubilance while listening to this album. Taking cues from his four year stint as a house DJ (and his experiments with electronic music), Boos fleshes out simple ideas into songs that sound like they were made by a full band; compelling beats are joined by inventive sound loops, sun-drenched reverb, and pop melodies that would warm even the iciest of hearts. While he draws a lot of inspiration from his idyllic surroundings, the songs also serve as mirrors, reflecting both his personal achievements and the darker places (burnt bridges, a bar fight) that spurred his move to Tennessee in the first place. While the band name fortuitously popped into Boos’ head one day, he’s since realized deeper meaning behind it - humans’ desire to explore but to also be grounded in some sort of domesticity, and how that translates to social media and the global possibilities that come with it.

"About a minute into the fire, we find our psychedelic trip taking a sudden turn for the sing-along. On the other end is rustic Tennessee pop experimentalist Ryan Boos, and he sounds like the friendliest, most optimistic dude ever. Which makes sense, being part of the Crash Symbols family" -Bullett Magazine

"Ryan Boos . . . has made an album that begs to be played… on repeat. So, reward its begging and play this fantastic album!" -The Music Ninja

"This is the scenic route and by taking it, Boos uncovers a wealth of new sounds and catchy melodies. Few have ventured down this road so unfettered (save, perhaps, Remote Island’s Days of Heaven on the deceased Stunned, or the early sketches of Australia’s Bumblebeez). Owing to late-20th Century R&B, rock, and collage, Boos leaves no marker untouched. Everything is neatly drawn and expertly chronicled with the enthusiasm of an explorer excited by his findings. Sacajawea knew what the Louisiana Purchase and the Northwest Territory had to offer, but that didn’t make it any less worth the trip. Boos has an understanding of what came before him but it’s always the journey that trumps the destination." -Ad Hoc

"...folky and weird while thankfully avoiding all the clichés that usually follow such a description. Instead, simply fine, elaborate pop music for the coming summer." -No Fear of Pop

"The more I’ve listened to Nomadic Firs‘ debut album the more I’m swept in..." -Pasta Primavera

"I am always a little taken back by just how happy I get when I listen to Nomadic Firs amazing self titled album. It makes me giddy and goofy in way that I would normally find embarrassing but these adorable sons of bitches make me feel so comfortable embracing that side of myself. It is like being invited to prom by the high school quarterback only to find out his name is Deepak Chopra and not only did he help you win state, get a sixer with his older brother's I.D and take your cherry, but he gave you enlightenment and helped you embrace your chakras or whatever the Fuck." -Syffal

"The solo warped outpourings of Tennessee's Ryan Boos, Nomadic Firs' self-titled record is something of a anomaly in that it had been gestating for six years, is a pastiche of colours and ideas that have coalesced into finite songs, and yet is cohesive much farther beyond what is thought possible from such an amalgam of sounds and grooves. Reminiscent of the breakout hazy debut album by Unknown Mortal Orchestra (especially on 'Vines'). There is a rustic underbelly to these jams that echoes from Boos' rustic life (he owns a petite farm with his wife), and it is these pastoral colourings that infuse Nomadic Firs with a sense of elegiac beauty." -Sonic Masala

"Tracks sway between sample-heavy or reverb-laden, guitar-based or beat-driven but all [evoke] an inescapably sun-soaked optimism, the kind of music for drives to the coast or sunset barbecues, infused with the joys of a life once lived as a house DJ given way to rural simplicity. Which is exactly what he did." -Squealer Magazine

"...warm and full of layers of light with bright, acoustic guitars, crafty samples, and radiant vocals." -The Bomber Jacket


released May 8, 2012




Crash Symbols Morgantown, West Virginia

Est. 2010

"Your decency remains unimpaired, your virility unharmed, your person is free from any degrading submission, but in your hand is a tambourine." -Seneca

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