Dub Sessions, Volume 3

by Fletcher Pratt

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Begun in 2011 via Dub Ditch Picnic, Winnipeg-born Fletcher Pratt’s three cassette Dub Sessions series offers a sort of kosmiche take on classic dub. Each installment is its own slow spiral through weird synths and atmospheres, as much influenced by noise and electroacoustic music as the early Jamaican dub experiments. For the third tape in the series, finished in between his work on a masters in “Electronic Music and Recording Media” at Mills College in Oakland, Pratt draws out some of that background. During his studies he’s had the chance to study with Roscoe Mitchell, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, among others, so it’s hard not to hear 'Volume 3' as one of his most balanced slipstream gestures to date. It also carries over a strong nod to chopped and screwed hip hop from 'Volume 2,' making it in many respects a solid introduction to Pratt's otherwise varied projects — particularly if you haven’t had to skimp on your speakers. In addition to his solo work, Pratt curates the long-running Midori Records imprint and recently collaborated with San Francisco’s Derek Gedalecia, aka Headboggle, as well as fellow Oaklander Sharkiface.

"...electric lime flavored dub. The initial midi-Seinfeld-slap-a-dap bass burst and robotic whine of a mushy goblin (see: 'News Dub') are doors opening coolly. Through the doors: An outrageous campaign of deep, red-eye zones. Synths corkscrewing through hazes of divine (see: 'Rainy Dub'). Echoey progress reports from the Malware program scanning Dubbot’s mainframe are submitted (see: 'Trippy Dub'). Looking for bugs I suppose. Ain’t gonna find any, mate. These tracks are pure DEET. Or, wait… I think I was talking about computer bugs. That metaphor got away from me. Don’t let this tape get away from you. Grip it so hard and enjoy what is left of the summer and your life." -Tabs Out Podcast

"The rhythms sound lovingly traditional... The right amount of delay and reverb are added and then there is quite a bit of keyboard, not abstract, but melodic. Think Cluster going dub, which probably isn't as strange as one could think." -Vital Weekly

"From the jungle, across the desert and into space, tunes are slingshot through the gravitational pull of Fletcher's mind and back into the ears of earnest listeners." -Lost in a Sea of Sound

"With a loose framework of dub-reggae, Fletcher Pratt dives deep into cosmic mind soup with this tape. Much of it is more like electroacoustic music with a beat, filled with chattering voices and seismic tonal shifts" -The Answer is in the Beat

Past praise:

“...a bong water bliss-out of stuttered riddims and eerie saxophone edits.” -Noisey

“All you can find in your pockets is some dusted roaches and a strange phone number written on a Burger King receipt. Time to go home and sleep it off, brother.” -Weird Canada

“Bustling-ass...” -The Wire

“Wonderful, dark, synthy dub...” -Silent Shout


released August 12, 2016




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Est. 2010

"Your decency remains unimpaired, your virility unharmed, your person is free from any degrading submission, but in your hand is a tambourine." -Seneca

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